College Football Game Cancelled Due To Swine Flu

First it came for the Mexicans, but I said nothing, for I am not a Mexican. Then it came for the children, and I didn’t speak up, for kids are really annoying anyways. Then it came for the college kids, but I didn’t speak up, for I am an adult. When it comes for me, who will be left to speak out for me?


(If you experience similar symptoms, you may have the swine’s flu.)

Hopefully we won’t get to that point, because I can remain silent no more. TEH SWINE FLUS (!!!!!!11)  pandemic is now attacking college football, and some things you just don’t mess with, not even if you’re a lifeless microscopic clump of RNA. Not cool, swine flu.

Stillman College, a small school in Alabama not related to Hillman College as far as we know, has been forced to cancel a game due to a nasty outbreak of influenza A(H1N1) .


Stillman College has canceled the school’s first home football game of the season, scheduled for Saturday, because of a flu outbreak. Stillman was scheduled to play Clark Atlanta University on the Stillman campus. The game will not be made up.

A school-issued release said Thursday “a few of the college’s football players are suffering flu-like symptoms.” A source familiar with the situation said more than 20 football players may be affected.

A lot of people have been scoffing at the reaction by schools and the government to the influenza pandemic (and yes, it is a pandemic), but health officials are worried for good reason. The influenza could mutate at any time into a more lethal strain and leave the country incapacitated. Other schools across the country have started seeing the virus spread across campus as students return to classes and dorms….and football stadiums.

It’s unlikely to become a big enough problem to affect big time football anytime soon, but even so, this is enough to give you pause. Not for the potential issues with public health and commerce…but for the effect on the college football season. Some things are just no laughing matter. At least Alabama’s on the road this week, though, am I right?