College Football Coaches Now Tackling Twitter Fad

The Twitter fad keeps growing & growing throughout the sports landscape. Athletes have used it to talk about getting into near-fights with the local populace, and to just say a simple hello to any fellow diners.

Les Miles Twittering

So it was only a matter of time before Twittering made its way into the college football ranks. And coaches are taking notice of the new technology. Like Les Miles, for instance.

USA TODAY reports that the LSU head honcho plans to keep the Bayou Bengal faithful up to date this fall by Twittering before, during and after Tigers games. So will we see Les on the sidelines texting on his Blackberry while trying to call plays at the same time?

Not quite. He’ll be dictating to a staff assistant who will then type up what’s been on Miles’ mind.  So why would a coach care so much about Twitter?


“Absolutely, it’s for recruiting purposes,” Miles says. “It allows us to communicate, to those people that subscribe, blasts of information. … It’s also an opportunity for those prospects that subscribe to communicate to us.”

Sure, it’s a great recruiting tool, but is it legal? The NCAA says its treating Twitter like it treats blogs - everything is cool as long as coaches don’t use Twitter to directly contact prospective recruits.

But there are other dangers, as well. There’s always the risk of getting on the bad side of the local media by mockingly Twittering about the girth of one of its columnists. Just ask Minnesota coach Tim Brewster.

On the other hand, there’s so much potential for pure entertainment, especially if the coach is Twittering after a tough loss (or even a tough win, as in Mike Gundy’s case). I can’t wait to see what Lane Kiffin types up this season.