College Fan Sees Every Team, Needs New Hobby

Jealousy or laughter? I’m not sure how to react to someone that I both pity and am deeply jealous of, someone who has spent all his life and a lot of his money, well, watching football. But not just like you or me.

See, Steve Koreivo is a different breed. As of last season, he completed a 32-year quest to see every single Division 1-A (or Bowl Subdivision, if that’s how you roll) team. All 119 of them.


Steve Koreivo passed up an opportunity to see Ohio State play at Penn State last October because he had tickets to a college football game of greater significance: Idaho at Nevada. “Now that might sound crazy,” said Koreivo, 51, who lives in Stanhope, N.J. “But those were the last two teams left for me to see.”

After being married to him for 19 years, Laurie Koreivo knows that answer better than anyone. “College football is in his blood,” she said. “Me and the kids know that this is Steve’s passion,” Laurie Koreivo said. “It’s the one thing in life he truly loves.”

See, that quote right there, the one from his wife? That’s where envy of Steve’s accomplishment gets suddenly outweighed by pity — by the fact that his wife is convinced that he loves college football more than her or her children. Fandom is one thing, and priorities are another. Come on, Steve.