College Baseball Game Stopped After 49-1 Rout

The Kentucky State baseball team was scheduled to play a doubleheader against Eastern Kentucky on Wednesday. Things got off to a good start for the KSU Thorobreds, as they scored the first run at the top of the first inning. Unfortunately, the EKU Colonels scored 22 in the bottom of the first - and 27 more in the next three innings to build up a 49-1 lead.

Eastern Kentucky Colonels baseball

Feeling that a 48-run advantage was foolish enough on April Fools’ Day, both teams decided to stop the game after 4 1/2 innings - neither wanted this to turn into some kind of 100-0 Dallas Academy blowout. And forget about playing two. (Sorry, Ernie Banks.)

Obviously, the Division II Thorobreds were no match for the Division I Colonels. The KSU squad contains seven freshmen and no one with more than a 20% scholarship. And it shows, as KSU has struggled to a 2-16 record this season, already featuring losses by the scores of 22-4 and 29-2.

Despite the lopsided score, Eastern Kentucky tried to be as sportsmanlike as possible. As the AP reports, EKU coach Jason Stein already began substituting players during the Colonels’ 22-run first inning, and the coach called off any more basestealing after his leadoff man already stole two. Stein also refused to accept a forfeited victory for the canceled second game.

And the EKU official website tried to display some sportsmanship as well, deciding not to publish the final score in its game recap. (But you can still review the carnage with final score included in the box score [PDF file].)

In the other dugout, KSU coach Lamar Johnson took the loss the best he could, placing the blame more on his overmatched team than trying to charge the Colonels with running up the score:

“The ones who actually have some heart or some kind of pride within themselves, they took it like a smack in their face. They were remorseful today,” he said.

If anything, such a demeaning blowout may fire up the Thorobreds & have them seeking revenge for such embarrassment. So, you better watch out, Claifin University - you’re next on KSU’s schedule.