College Baseball Coach Tossed For a Month For Sending Lewd E-Mail

BASEBALL COACH SENT TO SHOWERS FOR NAUGHTY EMAIL: A college baseball coach has been suspended without pay for sending out a lewd e-mail to boosters:

Roger Coryell baseball coach typing EMU

The ANN ARBOR NEWS LOLs at Eastern Michigan coach Roger Coryell, who was placed on unpaid administrative leave for “misuse of the university’s email system.”

According to THE BIG LEAD, Coryell was supposedly trying to send explicit photos of himself to one of his players’ mothers, but hit “reply all” by mistake. Of course, the real mistake was uploading the perverted pics in the first place.

School administrators have suspended the coach for one month without pay. Coryell has been a part of the EMU Eagles baseball program for 40 years, the last 21 serving as head coach.

Eastern Michigan Mom

The embarrassed Eagle skipper lamented, “I deeply regret any harm this has caused to everyone concerned, including my family, the university and the baseball program.”

Not to mention the matriarchs of any future recruits.