Colin Cowherd Claims To Receive 100 Pieces Of Hate Mail Per Day

COWHERD CALLS IN A MARKER FOR LAS VEGAS PUFF PIECE: Sports media columnist Bill Taafe of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL chose to lead off his Tuesday column with a featurette on our beloved Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd

Taafe makes the claim in the piece that with the departure of Don Imus, the ESPN mid-morning host “could be the most controversial national voice on commercial radio.

Colin Cowherd

I must confess that if not for a held-at-gunpoint listen in an airport rental car shuttle recently, I never would’ve heard Cowherd’s AM radio production.

But I can now speak with authority when I say that besides his breaking a federal law in calling for the shutdown of two weeks ago, nothing I’ve heard on the show remotely lands in the controversial category.

Colin Cowherd The Big Lead

Over-consulted, formulaic blather spiced with massive exaggerations from a bloviating teevee talk show host-wannabe, maybe, but controversial, no.

What was the best part of Taafe’s called-in favor piece about Cowherd? That the former Vegas (where hasn’t he worked?) TV sports news reader receives 100 pieces of hate mail per day.

The only thing less likely than Cowherd receiving that volume of bile-driven snail mail is him landing the late-night TV talk show gig he so (privately) covets.