Coles Misses Pennington, But Doesn’t Hate Favre

Soon after the Jets released Chad Pennington to make way for Peter King’s personal lord and savior Brett Favre, wide receiver Laveranues Coles was characterized as being none too pleased with the move, primarily because he and Pennington were BFFs.

Jets on Sesame Street

He eventually accepted that his friend wasn’t coming back, and has since moved on. Sort of. Yesterday, he spoke candidly about how tough it’s been transitioning to a new quarterback.


“I don’t have a feel for him and he doesn’t have a feel for me,” Coles said yesterday of his on-field relationship with Favre. “That is one of the things I am going to have to deal with. In the past I’ve always known when the ball was coming. Now you don’t really know.”

Coles still is fiercely protective of Pennington, with whom he still talks often.

“Again, our relationship goes deeper than just football,” Coles said. “He’s happy, I’ll tell you that much. Any time you’re somewhere where you’re really wanted and people are excited about having you there … He’s happy to be there and I’m happy for him.”

Coles only had one catch for five yards in the season opener, but he’s recovering from a hammy injury that kept him out of all four preseason games, so there’s still plenty of catching up to do.

He does admit that he’s never had any “quarrels … with Brett,” so it’s not like there’s dissension in the ranks, Coles just misses his best bud. Maybe he should pull an “Anquan Boldin(’s agent)” and demand a trade to Miami — at least Coles would have a legit, non-contract-related excuse.