Coldplay Pairs w/ESPN to Sell Soccer, Kill ESPN

WE ARE THE POSTMEN, who can call us Flower if they want to, have found that ESPN has hooked up with UEFA and Coldplay for a three-way marketing fluid exchange to drop songs from Coldplay’s upcoming record into Euro 2008 coverage in June.

Bob Marley with soccer ball

(What do you mean, “But Bob’s not coming out with a new album any time soon”? Just make it happen)

Someone crunched numbers and ran Q1 numbers to conclude U.S. soccer fans like their adult contemporary rock. Considering we know a certain member of UNPROFESSIONAL FOUL spent a lot of time with Wilco earlier this spring, we’re not sure we can disagree with any conviction. (We’re also fairly sure we’re the first to combine Coldplay and Wilco since Austin in 2005.)

Did ESPN lose the thread at some point? What happened to being hip and cool and down with the kids? What happened to reaching the everyman and not every man, woman, child, and/or sentient being with buying power?

Still, in thanks to the Postmen, here’s a note to get thee to iTunes and pre-order the new Coldplay album to get a bonus live track. We wrote this while listening to the critically reviled “Under the Blacklight” for the hundredth time. We feel your awkward pain.

Rilo Kiley

(”Feeling the awkward pain” may or may not be a euphemism)

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