Coach’s Wife Molested Pre-Teen Football Players?

Aren’t you just sick of all these stories about coaches sexually abusing their players? Me, too. Here’s a nice change of pace. It’s a story about … a coach’s wife allegedly molesting her husband’s players. Hmmm. Still pretty depressing, that.

Sheila Granger

A 33-year-old Indiana woman is accused of carrying on year-long relationships with two 12-year-old players on her husband’s youth football team. She allegedly had oral sex and intercourse with them, and even told one of their mothers that she feared she might be pregnant.

More reasons to never let your children leave the house, after the jump.

Sheila Granger, of Henryville, appeared in court yesterday to answer charges of child molestation and child solicitation. The affidavit says one boy claimed she had oral sex with him 10 times and intercourse on three occasions.

The mother said that in September, Granger confided that she had missed a period and also that her husband had surgery to prevent him from having more children. The woman said she initially thought Granger might have been having an affair, but became concerned when she learned her son had been abused.

“That will be part of the investigation, determining the veracity of the statements [about the missed period],” Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said.

The other boy claims they had sex three times and oral sex multiple times, including in the back of her hair salon, the ironically named All About You salon.

Residents say Granger was a fixture at her husband’s football games, and “acted abnormally friendly” with the children. She was also involved with youth groups at the even more ironically named Safe Harbor Christian Church.

Granger plead not guilty to the counts yesterday, but this one sounds like it’ll be pretty easy to prove if true:

One boy describes a sex toy Granger allegedly kept in her dresser and told investigators he had sexual contact with Granger 15 times a month.

The other victim told police Granger has distinctive physical characteristics he wouldn’t know except by seeing her nude.

Granger is being held on $500,000 bond and is scheduled to stand trial August 4.