Coach Nailed To Cross For Muslim Conversions?

Jerry Marszalek’s contract as head wrestling coach at Fordson High School in Dearborn, MI, has not been renewed because one of his long-time assistants, Rev. Trey Hancock, has an extensive history of attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity and has become a polarizing figure in the area.

Dearborn High School

It’s not clear Hancock ever attempted to convert any student on school property or at meets, but his attempts to convert Muslims in and around Dearborn as part of his work on behalf of the Dearborn Assembly of God congregation have become controversial common knowledge in the local community, according to THE DETROIT TIMES.

Hundreds of parents at the mostly Muslim school came together to support the dismissal at a Board of Education meeting Tuesday night. Marszalek implied to THE DETROIT NEWS that the principal, Imad Fadlallah, made the decision after parental input from at least one of the wrestlers’ families. The article provides this quote to help the reader gauge the heated rhetoric:

“”There is a clique involved in joint efforts with outsiders, including fanatical Christians, to squeeze Mr. Fadlallah out of Fordson High School,” said Imad Hamad, regional director of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. “Before Mr. Fadlallah became principal, there were many problems. He has changed much.”"

If this quote properly represents the current state of emotions and not merely the self-serving words of an advocate with a media outlet on the phone, Fordson High has a lot more to work through than choosing the next suplex teacher.

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