Krzyzewski Doesn’t Support One And Done Rule

Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski could have coached Kobe Bryant in college, but he’s glad he didn’t get the opportunity.

Mike Krzyzewski and Kobe Bryant

It’s nothing personal with Bryant. Krzyzewski believes talented high school players should be allowed to go to the NBA. Coach K channels his inner Stephen A. Smith when speaking on the subject.

Some of those kids, to be quite frank, don’t need to be students. That’s why I’m against the rule (that prevents going straight to the NBA). LeBron and Kobe are the two best players in the NBA. They’re articulate and brilliant, and they didn’t need to go to college.”

Coach K is right. What good would one year of college had done Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant? Both have been league MVP, won a championship, and made millions of dollars without wasting a year at a university.

Krzyzewski says the rule is unfair for the player and the school.

I don’t know why that opportunity would be denied. . . . We should respect the individuals’ right to have that chance and the school’s right to have students.”

The worst thing about the rule is that it’s a farce. A kid can play basketball for the school through the NCAA tournament and then drop out if he knows he’s going pro. What has the “student-athlete” gained? Nothing. The winners are the university and the NCAA who get to make money off the player before he leaves for the NBA.