Coach K Doesn’t Care For “Low-Life” Anti-US Fans

Mike Krzyzewski might not be a favorite among college basketball fans not affiliated with Duke, but he is the coach of this year’s U.S. Olympic b-ball team. And if you’re willing to root against fellow Americans just because certain players are from rival pro teams or schools, then Coach K can do without “low-life” fans like you.

Mike Krzyzewski USA basketball

850 THE BUZZ has a honey of a quote from Team USA’s general. Penn Holderness of NBC 17 in Raleigh quizzed the coach about fans’ allegiances to particular programs & franchises getting in the way of national b-ball pride. More importantly, if UNC or NC State fans would be rooting for the Blue Devil Incarnate at the Olympics:

“Well, it’s not so much rooting for me, but I don’t really care who people cheer for when I’m coaching Duke. I like to know somebody for who they are.

“But when we’re representing your country? Come on. Get real about things, or otherwise you’re a low level person, you know, my feeling about that, and then they don’t matter, so they just don’t matter. It’s the United States of America. These are your guys.

“What, you’re gonna root against Kobe because you’re a Cleveland fan, you know, during this? I mean, come on, get real.”

When Holderness chucklingly responded, “Somebody will,” Coach K replied, “Well, then those people are low-life people and don’t deserve to even be thought of. You know, I mean, let’s think of the positive people who want their country to do well.”

So, Tar Heel & Wolfpack supporters, think you could tolerate a couple of more days getting behind Krzyzewski, for the sake of national unity? Or least until Kobe, LeBron & crew can get their revenge against Greece.