Coach Fired For Cell Pics To 20 Year Old Girlfriend

In one of the strangest stories I’ve seen in a loooong time, Jacksonville high school football coach Jason Robinson has been fired from his position as coach and teacher at Mandarin high school because he sent pics and video of himself to his 20-year-old girlfriend.

Jacksonville High School Coach Fired Jason Robinson For Sending Pics and Video to 20 year old girlfriend

(American hero.)

The girlfriend, who attends the Univ. of Central Florida, had the sexually suggestive content on her phone intercepted by her mother, who then sent the pics to the principal of Mandarin High.

In response to the photos, Principal Donna Richardson then fired Robinson and immediately banned him from the high school campus in a terse statement that was released to the media.

Dim bulb Richardson and her local school board minions may have just made Robinson a national hero.

From News4Jax:

In a phone interview with Channel 4, Robinson said he’s seeking legal action against his 20-year-old girlfriend’s parents for violating his privacy they retrieved off of a phone.

Robinson, who said he’s involved in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend at the University of Central Florida, said the incident is ruining his reputation and damaging his future.

“From a legal standpoint, I would certainly give him the advantage in this case. From a moral standpoint, you have to make your own judgment on that,” local 1010XL sports radio host David Lamm said.

The only thing that matters here is Robinson’s job status, to which morality is completely irrelevant. What he sent his girlfriend was none of his girlfriend’s mother’s business, let alone the principal of the school where he works.

Though apparently Jacksonville school board members live in an alternate universe, I’m happy to report that there are plenty of Jax locals who recognize the atrocity that has taken place here.

If Robinson sets up a legal support fund, I imagine he’ll have plenty of donors. Including me.