CNN/Gallup Poll: Tiger Woods Popularity Plummets

The first major poll designed to measure Tiger Woods‘ popularity since tales of his alleged extramarital affairs surfaced has been released by CNN, USA TODAY and Gallup. As you would expect, Woods’ “favorable rating” has fallen off a cliff.

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From Corky Siemaszko of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS:

A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll shows Wood’s favorable rating among the public has dropped 24 percentage points since June. The world’s greatest golfer, who has been linked to at least a half-dozen mistresses since Thanksgiving, was viewed as “favorable” by 60% of those surveyed in the new poll, compoared to 84% in June. His “unfavorable” rating has climbed up to 25% from 9% in the same period.

Opinion Research Corporation surveyed of 1,041 adult Americans immediately after Woods’ released a statement admitting to “transgressions”. When the survey was conducted, Woods was linked to three women. Now that number has, at the very least, doubled. 

I’m actually surprised that Woods’ popularity hasn’t fallen more significantly, but thanks to today’s explosion of recycled rumors and anon-sourced reports, that drop seems far from over.

With the initial empirical data now confirming what we all suspected, will the relentless tabloids drive Woods to confront the speculation publicly? And will the unmitigated gossip cause wife Elin Nordegren to leave Woods? Likewise his sponsors?

Personally, I think it is a foregone conclusion that Woods’ marriage is finished. It’s pretty clear that a major factor in Nordegren staying with the golfer is the renegotiation of their pre-nuptial agreement and his ability to maintain his endorsement deals.

If the string of women continues to lengthen, many of Woods’ sponsors will inevitably abandon him, which calls into question why Nordegren would then stay.

When the first sponsor bails, that’s when this story will take another big leg up in the media. And since that could lead to Nordegren’s departure, it appears that this story is far from over - at least from a main media perspective.

with tabloids and various media outlets claiming Woods had taken up with a porn star and various other garden variety homewreckers. Fact or fiction is becoming increasingly blurred, and Woods’ isn’t helping matters.

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