Closure: Erin Andrews In LA For Stalker Guilty Plea

This afternoon in a Los Angeles Federal court room Erin Andrews will for the first time face down the man, Michael David Barrett, who has admitted to filming nude peephole videos of her in hotel rooms and stalking her across state lines.

Michael Barrett Video Going To Court in Los Angeles Erin Andrews Stalker

Barrett in his guilty plea admits to not only distributing the videos of Andrews online, but also harassment that caused “substantial emotional distress” to Andrews. Barrett also acknowledges trying to sell nude videos of Andrews to the website, which is why the court case was staged here in Los Angeles.

Admitted Erin Andrews stalker Michael David Barrett

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Initially, Barrett pleaded not guilty to the charges but quickly reversed his plea when it was revealed that the Feds had served search warrants to Yahoo and Google in order to obtain records that Barrett also uploaded a nude video of another woman titled, “Hot Blonde Out of Shower.”

Barrett faces five years in Federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

For what Barrett has inflicted on Andrews’ personal and professional life, I don’t think that punishment is nearly enough. More like double.

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