Clips Beat Boston, Enough To Drive You To A DUI

• The L.A. Clippers beat the Boston Celtics. First sign of the apocalypse?

Gabe Pruitt Celtics Ricky Davis Clippers

• And Brooks was there, checking out the Staples Center’s Chairman’s Club - while the Celts’ Gabe Pruitt should have called a cab.

• Today’s tale of horrendous hazing & alleged sexual assault comes to us courtesy of the Taft High School boys’ volleyball team.

• One ping pong punk puts on a celebratory dance routine that would make Ocho Cinco proud.

• How come Ventura College’s basketball team is so good? Could be due to the coach falsifying records of his out-of-state players - and stealing money.

Erin Andrews is ready to sic her legal beagles on anyone or any site spreading false rumors about an alleged sex tape.

• An independent wrestler-slash-male escort-slash-massage therapist can’t fool the courts in his faking of an injury at a 7-Eleven.

Michael Vick is released into house arrest. Let the hilarity ensue.

• And the winner of today’s Adam ‘n’ Allen caption contest is…

Adam Sandler Marcus Allen Clippers game

Mr. Jim, with this comparative quip: L to R - Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest, Irrellevant!

Thanks for playing. A new contest bounces your way tomorrow.