Clinton Portis Dresses Up For The Media Again

CLINTON PORTIS RUNS BACK TO DRESSING UP FOR MEDIA: Those of you worried that Clinton Portis would no longer be coming out of the closet…with new funky threads, fear not!

Clinton Portis Choo-Choo

DC SPORTS BOG dresses up news of the Redskins RB puttin’ on the ritz in the only way he knows how.For this season’s showcase, Clinton was sporting a samurai-inspired coif, with big sunglasses and a ruffled flamenco shirt straight from the Ricky Ricardo collection.

But this wasn’t Portis. No, it was all under the guise of Choo-Choo, dance instructor to the stars. As he told the enraptured media members, he taught Santana Moss how to dance, and Antwaan Randle-El how to dance, and Mike Sellers how to dance, and…well, you get the idea.

Mark Cuban Dancing With The Stars Debut

Too bad Choo-Choo didn’t roll out earlier, as he could have locomoted some tips over to Mark Cuban.Ole’!