Cliff Robinson Has A Lot Of Bass Guitars & ATVs

NBA fans probably remember Cliff Robinson (know later in his career as Clifford), who played 18 years in the league for five teams before retiring after the 2006-07 season. Until Dirk Nowitzki came along, Cliff was the tallest player (at 6′ 10″) in NBA history with 1,000 made three-pointers. He was a fan favorite during his eight seasons in Portland, where he has settled after his playing career. Three such fans like him so much that they decided to rob his house…and take $100,000 worth of his stuff.

Cliff Robinson robbery

Unfortunately for the geniuses that ripped him off, they kept the loot in their houses, and authorities have recovered most of the stolen goods. And, by the looks of the list of things that have been found, it appears that Cliff’s ideal day involves laying down some smooth bass lines while off-roading.

OREGONLIVE has the story, and here’s a taste of what police found at the residence of one of the thieves:

On Friday, Clark County Sheriff’s Office detectives searched a residence on Fifth Avenue in Vancouver and recovered five bass guitars, two off-road vehicles and a motorcycle belonging to Robinson, said Sgt. David Thompson, Washington County Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

Detectives then searched Gleghorn’s residence on Northeast Eighth Avenue, also in Vancouver, and recovered more stolen property, including a custom-made bowling ball.

Five bass guitars? Was Uncle Cliffy thinking of replacing Randy Jackson in Journey? Sadly, two of his basses are still missing. Three regular guitars were also found by police raids on several residences linked to the three burglars, who have been arrested. Cliff’s also an avid bowler (largely thought to be the best in the NBA during his time), so that “custom-made” bowling ball is no insignificant item.

Also, a total of three stolen off-road vehicles were found in Vancouver, Washington — about 25 miles from Robinson’s house. Did the robbers have a Mayflower truck or something? They must have, considering how much was recovered at yet another location closer to the Robinson home:

Police recovered a large amount of property from Young’s residence, including two large flat-screen televisions, a home entertainment system, jewelry, designer purses and boxes of clothing. The amount of property recovered required deputies to haul it in a large trailer, Thompson said.

Hey, I guess if you’re going to rob a former NBA player you might as well do it right. Among the still unrecovered items are a set of Callaway golf clubs and a “tall white mountain bike.” So, if you see a bike-riding caddie in the Hillsboro, Oregon vicinity, call the authorities.