Cleveland Rocks: Suns Send Shaq To LeBronland

Shaq will be lacing ‘em up with LeBron on a more continual basis, as the Big Cactus becomes the newest member of the Cavaliers.

LeBron Shaq

Rodney Harrison is sick of the whole Brett Favre brouhaha, too.

• Boston sure loves their Rajon Rondo - well, everyone except Celtics GM Danny Ainge.

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• A sportswear company is suing Nike over the rights to sell Michael Jordan “Hall of Fame” shoes.

Mark Becker, the man accused of shooting & killing Iowa high school football coach Ed Thomas, should have been spending his Wednesday in police custody after smashing the windows of a home & leading cops on a high-speed car chase last weekend.

Jon Stewart calls out Phillies fans on Thursday night’s “Daily Show”.

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