Clemson Coach Calls Carr To Clarify Controversial Quip

• After Tommy Bowden made mention of Michigan’s Mountaineer mistake last weekend, The COLUMBIA (SC) STATE hears that the Clemson coach called Carr to clarify the controversial quip:

Tommy Bowden Lloyd Carr

• Maybe he’s not so bad, after all: YOU BEEN BLINDED finds video of Michael Vick winning a “Player of the Year” award. From who, they’re not sure.

• On the heels of Dice-K in Teletubby form, POPO IN MY CRIB has some ideas for future rookie dress-up days.

• JOE SPORTS FAN somberly circles the wagons, as they shed a tear for ESPN’s dearly-departed “NFL Primetime“:

Chris Berman Tom Jackson

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS isn’t gun-shy in telling us that AK-47 is locked, cocked, and ready to rock somewhere else besides Salt Lake.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS sees the Demetrius Jones situation costing the Irish long-term, as future recruits may stay away from Notre Dame.