Clemens Using Twitter To Take McNamee To Task

Roger Clemens must have been disappointed to learn this week that his defamation lawsuit against Brian McNamee was thrown out. But Brian can be assured that this isn’t the last he’s heard from the Rocket. Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin is already appealing to revive Roger’s lawsuit.

Roger Clemens Twitter

More importantly, Clemens has found a new outlet for his frustrations with his former trainer - the one & only Twitter. Welcome to the 21st century, Rog!

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS details Clemens’ involvement in the social networking site that’s become such an integral part in many athletes’ lives these days. While the DN piece focuses more on the pleasant comments Clemens has made on his account - giving kudos to Detroit Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell, the band Nickelback, his friend Anthony, etc. - it’s the vitriol he vents towards McNamee that’s the most interesting.

To wit (or to Twit):

Some people are just ASS CLOWNS! it would be nice to one day have a chance to have our say in a fair setting

Our guys have a truck load of info I never knew about Dr. M, or should I say Agent M, oh no wait… it’s Navy Seal M, oh no wait…it’s

Btw…the E guy rep-ing Dr. M, or VITAMIN M, or whomever he claims to be, is an UGLY HUMAN! wow oh wait…sorry he’s not a doctor…hmmm

Ambulance chaser….or Wallet chasers call em as you see em.

Now that’s some good stuff. And since the Rocket isn’t currently on any MLB roster, he doesn’t have to worry about any repercussions from Bud Selig & pals for speaking his mind.

On the other hand, Roger may want to be a bit cautious about how much venom he spews at & about McNamee, or Clemens might be facing a defamation lawsuit of his own.

By the way, I wonder if Mindy McCready is one of Roger’s followers.

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