Clemens Merchandise Now Like A “Penny Stock”

The NEWARK STAR-LEDGER has a report on the stark decline in value on Roger Clemens merchandise. Excerpt:

Darrell Giordano used to have no trouble moving Roger Clemens’ 1985 rookie card from Topps, selling two or three cards a week at $30 a pop from his sports collectible store in Morris Plains.

Roger Clemens Rafael Palmeiro Bobbleheads

“We haven’t sold one since this came out,” said Giordano, owner of the Sports Page for the past 15 years, whose passion for collecting began at age 6 when he got his first Mickey Mantle card.

But in an interesting twist, despite Clemens’ merch being worth nothing now, it may well be very valuable in the future.

Bob Beck, a collectibles store owner in New Jersey said, “I would never purchase Clemens stuff anymore. It’s almost like a penny stock.

But Beck also notes that “Ty Cobb is a very hot seller these days, even though he was a racist.” And we all know how valuable besmirched Black Sox player Shoeless Joe Jackson stuff is. But Cobb and Jackson items are classified as vintage, which increase in value over time merely because of the sheer age of the memorabilia.

We think Clemens’ merchandise value will go up sooner though, because this entire generation of ballplayers at some point will be classified as “the steroid era.” So fair or not, all players will be under that cloud, and the merch of all of those players will almost have to be treated similiarly (think Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Miguel Tejada and Barry Bonds).