Clemens, McNamee In “Emotional” Phone Convo?

NEWSDAY reports that Friday night Roger Clemens and his former trainer Brian McNamee had a phone conversation. No details were forthcoming, besides the obvious fact that the convo was “emotional“.

Roger Clemens And His Frosted Tips

Tonight Clemens goes on 60 Minutes with 89-year-old Yankee fan Mike Wallace to bear his (Lidocaine for the) soul.

Remember the date with Congress Clemens should have on Jan. 16? Well it now appears that Clemens has an out for that appearance (no, it’s not for a voiceover session for the latest Flintstones vitamins spot).

Newsday reports Sunday that “one person familiar with the legal implications suggested yesterday that Clemens might file a lawsuit against McNamee before then, with the hope it would excuse him from the hearings.

Another interesting development since the news of Clemens’ farcical denial and explanation on 60 Minutes is the emergence of the FBI in the situation. Newsday notes, “it now seems he has attracted the unwanted attention of Jeff Novitzky, an IRS special agent responsible for the indictment of Barry Bonds in November on felony charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.

A person familiar with the situation said yesterday that Novitzky, like many others intrigued by the Mitchell Report, has turned his focus toward Clemens in the wake of the verbal sparring between Clemens and McNamee.

Roger Clemens

Actually, we hear the FBI is seeking to file charges against Clemens for these pants in public (ok, last time).