Clemens, McGwire, Bonds Headed To Hall of Fame

I’ve enacted an embargo on all sports media, thanks to Alex Rodriguez’s PEDs admission today. I can’t take anymore talk of how this will affect ARod’s reception by fans and his off-field endorsement career. I could give a damn how Rodriguez is treated by fans or how much off-field money he’ll make in the future.

Barry Bonds Roger Clemens Mark McGwire

(Guess those Horse ‘Roids Nomah scored in TJ didn’t do the job)

How is the media missing the only thing that matters in the aftermath of ARod getting nailed to the floorboards? Or am I giving them too much credit?

Does ARod’s Steroid admission mean McGwire, Bonds and Clemens are now locks for the Hall of Fame?

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Let me be the first to welcome Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro to the Baseball Hall of Fame. All have the necessary on-field credentials to secure the honor. And with the confirmation that they now officially have company in Rodriguez (along with over 100 others), this means that the formerly tainted quartet will all definitely make the Hall of Fame. Eventually.

There’s nothing the sanctimonious owners can do now to damage control (ignoring Bonds) their precious game. Not to mention the absurd, hypocritical treatment McGwire has endured at the hands of Hall of Fame voters. Those same voters have always known full well that McGwire was far from alone in his PEDs use. (Or they shouldn’t be covering the game.)

Mark McGwire Stephanie McGwire

(ARod’s admission should have Mark smiling as if he’s holding his swimsuit-wearing wife, Stephanie)

The dam has broke, and all players who are linked to PEDs will now have to be treated the same as clean players. All 100+ of them from 2003 alone. Baseball has no choice, it has to recognize the achievements of theĀ  *cheats*. It’s either that or pretend that the past decade of baseball never existed. The same decade that Bud Selig has hailed as the Golden Age of Baseball.

So what do you care about? The legacy of the game? How this generation of MLBers will be viewed? Who gets into the Hall of Fame?

Or what this means for how much motor oil ARod will now be able to sell? And how many bags of urine will rain down on him at Fenway Park?

OK, that last part might actually be fun.