Clemens’ First Lie Uncovered? Sure Looks Like It

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports today that private investigators hired by Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte interviewed Brian McNamee, on tape, the day before the Mitchell Report came out. Of course, we want to hear what’s on that tape, but what about Clemens telling Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes that he didn’t know that he was going to be implicated in the Mitchell Report?:

Roger Clemens 60 Minutes Interview

Mike Wallace (5:40): “Did you know ahead of time what was going to be in George Mitchell’s report?”
Clemens (5:44): “I did not.”

From that, it looks like we’ve uncovered the first crack in Clemens’ denials about steroids.

If he didn’t know about anything in the Mitchell Report, why did he send someone to interview McNamee THE DAY BEFORE the report came out?

Now, in our opinion, we know Clemens is at least lying in a portion of the interview, unless the Daily News report is false. That seems unlikely considering McNamee’s lawyers produced two letters yesterday, “one signed by Clemens and one by Pettitte, authorizing investigators Jim Yarbrough ad Billy Belk to work on their behalf.”

The other bizarre part of the story in the past 48 hours is why McNamee spoke to Clemens on the phone last Friday. The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports “McNamee’s lawyers said that the former trainer contacted Clemens because his ill 10-year-old son might have his spirits heightened by a phone call from his favorite player. Instead, Clemens used McNamee’s vulnerability to attack him, the legal team said.

Why would McNamee have any contact with Clemens, no matter the circumstances? And then stay on the phone with him for 17 minutes, while knowing that the conversation was being taped?