Congress May Claim Clemens Committed Perjury

HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS tips us off to a NEW YORK TIMES report that Congress may go after Roger Clemens for lying about steroid use.

Roger Clemens Congressional Hearing

The House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform has drafted a letter to the Justice Department, asking that Clemens be investigated for possibly committing perjury during his Feb. 13 appearance on Capitol Hill.

Not mentioned in the current drafting is Brian McNamee, but lawyers close to the matter say the ex-trainer could be in the final letter by the time it gets officially sent to the DoJ.

If not, McNamee may be vindicated for telling the truth (at least in the eyes of Congress), while Clemens digs an even deeper hole for himself. Hope the Rocket has fun at his kid’s Astros camp - it might be the last time he’s allowed anywhere near an MLB facility.