Clemens’ Attorney Unearths McNamee Skeleton

In the on-going war of words between Roger Clemens & Brian McNamee, the Rocket’s legal team fired another salvo at his ex-trainer, this time saying McNamee lied about a Florida rape case.

Roger Clemens Brian McNamee

In his defamation suit, Clemens attorney brings up the 2001 incident as an example of how “dishonest” McNamee is. While still a trainer with the Yankees, McNamee reportedly was seen having sex in a Tampa hotel pool, and witnesses said the woman he was with appeared drugged. But McNamee denied he did anything to the woman, and no charges were ever filed.

McNamee attorney Earl Ward argues that the incident “has no relevance” in Clemens’ current suit, and bringing it up is “just an attempt to further damage his character.”

But Clemens & his legal team think otherwise. Laywer Rusty Hardin asks, “The significant thing is, when this guy’s rear end is in trouble, does he lie?

And now one of Roger’s hometown columnists is also questioning McNamee’s believability.

Richard Justice of the HOUSTON CHRONICLE comments on the phone conversation between Clemens & McNamee that was played during Monday’s press conference.

Justice writes that McNamee sounded “desperate” during the call, and that opinion on the steroids accusations would turn in favor of Clemens:

Roger Clemens point

Without McNamee, there’s no case against Clemens. On the best day Clemens has had since Mitchell’s report on baseball and steroids was released almost four weeks ago, McNamee suddenly looked like a shaky witness.”

Justice also feels strongly that the Mitchell Report findings on the hometown hurler will be proved wrong: “How do you like your star witness now, George Mitchell? If Clemens had made an offer, would McNamee have changed his story?

Such strong opinions seem to indicate that McNamee isn’t the only one sounding desperate.