Clay Matthews Embraces The Green Bay Lifestyle

You might think that moving from Los Angeles to Green Bay, Wisconsin would be a tough change for former USC linebacker Clay Matthews, the first-round draft pick of the Green Bay Packers. In sunny Los Angeles, Matthews was close to Hollywood, the USC Song Girls, and the finest culture and cuisine California had to offer. By comparison, Green Bay has meatpacking plants, paper mills, and elevated mercury levels. No offense to the comely lasses and bratwurst emporiums of Brown County, but it’s enough to make most young, single men with a taste for the good life - or any life at all, really - cringe.

Clay Matthews

(LB Clay Matthews, seen here enjoying Friday night in Green Bay.)

Clay Matthews, however, is not most men. When life handed Green Bay’s newest linebacker cheese, he opted to make cheese-ade instead, embracing the city and all of it has to offer with the damndest of faint praise.

In an interview with Mike Vandermause of the GREEN BAY PRESS-GAZETTE notable mostly for its softball questions that would make Barbara Walters cringe, Vandermause asked Matthews what he would like most about Green Bay (other than the fact that over 85% of its inhabitants are white) :

Here in Green Bay, the special thing about it is, there’s only the Packers.

Yes, that’s right. Green Bay is an awesome place to be because…there’s nothing to do! City pride*! Matthews can eat, sleep, and breathe football 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all the way right up to the point where he loses it and goes all Todd Marinovich on us. Someone needs to take this kid to Oneida Bingo and Casino and show him that Green Bay does indeed know how to party.

*I kid because I love - most of my family resides in northern Wisconsin.