Clay Bennett Moving Seattle Supersonics To Las Vegas Instead Of Oklahoma City

THOUGHT SONICS WERE GOING TO OK. CITY? THINK AGAIN: It appears that those who thought the Oklahoma-based group led by Clay Bennett who recently purchased the Seattle Supersonics was merely a prelude to the team moving to Oklahoma City may very well be dead wrong.

Las Vegas

The SEATTLE TIMES reports today that instead of moving the team from the Pacific Northwest to his hometown, Clay Bennett is instead telling people in Seattle that he will move the Sonics to Las Vegas.

S-T: “If money, rather than hometown pride, is the deciding factor, Las Vegas’ glitzy casinos and millions of tourists could trump Oklahoma City as Plan B.

Las Vegas

Steve Leahy, chief executive of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce: “What I heard him say was that if he ended up having to move the team, Vegas would likely be a more attractive market than Oklahoma City.

Las Vegas

Seattle City Councilwoman Jan Drago: “They (Bennett group) can’t make a return on their investment in Oklahoma … he really expected to end up in Vegas.

The only thing I care about in this situation is that my beloved hometown, Kansas City, will actually have a shot at landing a NBA franchise (Orlando, New Orleans) if Bennett & Co. eschew the Cherokee Nation for Glitter Gulch.