Clausen ‘Sucker-Punched’ Outside South Bend Bar

UPDATE: New, more specific details have emerged regarding Jimmy Clausen getting punched outside a South Bend bar.

Everyone’s been taking shots these days at Notre Dame these days, including aiming their ire at star QB Jimmy Clausen. Unfortunately, some people are taking their pot-shotting too literally.

Jimmy Clausen

ESPN’s Joe Schad reports that Clausen was at a South Bend restaurant early Sunday morning, when an irate fan “sucker-punched” him and left him with a swollen eye.

The incident took place at an establishment called CJ’s Pub, where Clausen & his family and other Notre Dame upperclassmen went to after Saturday’s game - a 33-30 double-OT defeat to Connecticut in the Irish’s home finale.

A source at the scene said Clausen “was sucker-punched by a fan as he left an establishment after having dinner with his parents. The fan allegedly said something to Clausen and/or a female acquaintance.”

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE added that Clausen “suffered at least one black eye as a result of the punch.” However, a South Bend police spokesman said that no reports were filed over the weekend that involved Clausen. And a spokesman for Charlie Weis said that the coach couldn’t be reached for comment Monday night.

Despite the slugging, Clausen is still expected to play in Notre Dame’s season finale at Stanford this weekend. As far as the identity of the slugger, somebody might want to check and see if Boston College’s Rich Gunnell was back in town.