UTEP Model Player Showing Skills On TV Tonight

As the guys get themselves set for their Sweet Sixteen, it’s time for the girls to do their thing. The NCAA Women’s Tournament is underway. And it didn’t take them two days to have an upset, as Hartford knocked off Syracuse.

Claudia Porras Photos

Although not as fawned over as the Men’s brackets, the fellas over at SOX & DAWGS attempt to add some titillation to the Tourney by selecting their hottest players of the Field of 64. And for such related reasons is why we plan to watch tonight’s UTEP-Western Kentucky contest.

The most compelling reason being Claudia Porras:

Claudia Porras bikini basketball

The bench star for the Miners also happens to be a Bolivian bikini model. We appreciate her hard work and amazing skills - and she’s not a bad basketball player, either.

We believe Porras’ inspiring play will help lead UTEP deep into the brackets. (The 27-3 Miners did go undefeated in Conference USA play.) We even have her team going to the Final Four in our brackets. In other news, we filled out a women’s tournament bracket.

Luckily, ESPN2 will be showing tonight’s game, with tip-off scheduled for 10:30 p.m. ET. So now the whole country can get caught up in Claudia-mania!

The Worldwide Leader’s secondary outlet will actually be showing all the women’s tournament games. In fact, we’re tuned in right now, since the CBS affiliate in L.A. just went black for some reason. Plus, we can never get enough Trey Wingo.