Bolivian Bikini Beauty Great Off Basketball Bench

We also share Goose Gossage’s salute to the Yankees coaching staff.

Meet Claudia Porras - college basketball bencher & Bolivian bikini beauty:

Claudia Porras bikini basketball

Michelle Wie smiling after 69. Need we say more?

The Marlins will finally be getting a new stadium. Now, Jeffrey Loria better get a new team.

Chris Berman responds to his Internet-leaked videotaped tirades.

Kobe Bryant doesn’t care about other players getting their rings.

Ashley Benson is all set to star in a new movie about raunchy & out-of control cheerleaders:

Ashley Benson shorts

Oh, wait. It’s for Lifetime. Never mind.

Lawyers for Barry Bonds say a small typo will be a big problem in getting a fair trial.

A young fan is pumped up about owning a snapshot of Roger Clemens at Jose Canseco’s party.

New Spygate allegations against Bill Belichick aren’t so new.

Randy Moss is not a franchise player with the Pats.