Claudia Jordan Blew Odom Off Just Before Khloe

Since I reported Matt “Money” Smith of the Petros and Money Show on Fox Sports Radio said Lamar Odom proposed to a woman (and was jilted) just before he consumated his pseudo-nuptials with Khloe Kardashian, the search has been on to figure out just who that woman was.

Lamar Odom Claudia Jordan together just before he met Khloe Kardashian

(Jordan turned down Odom’s wedding proposal week before Khloe? Probably)

Actress Taraji Henson was a possibility, having been seen with Odom earlier in the year. But another name *coincidentally* popped up on TMZ’s TV show the day after my report: Claudia Jordan.

Jordan also fits Smith’s description of a famewhore who “graces the pages of TMZ”. More importantly she was seen with a beaming Odom only a week before he met Kardashian. So the gossip enterprise went straight to the source, interviewing Jordan in-house for its TV show on Saturday.

Video after the jump.

The video, at least from Odom’s perspective, is painful to watch. Jordan claims throughout that she was pursued by Odom, but never had even a tiny romantic interest in him. From the TMZ coverage of their time together, it appears Odom was doing no more than glomming onto her.

Complete embarrassment to Odom.

That said, after watching this video, I don’t believe a word coming out of Jordan’s mouth.

It’s clear from that vid piece that Odom and Jordan were “together” that night. And that Jordan wasn’t exactly fighting it.

Based on the timing of the Jordan-Odom sighting and Smith’s description, I think we now know who Odom asked to marry him one week before he meet Kardashian.

I didn’t think there was anything out there that could embarrass Odom any more than what he’s done with Kardashian, but I think we may have found a topper. Jordan absolutely trashes him in her TMZ interview last Saturday.

Phil Jax really needs to break out the Chicken Soup (audio)books for L.O. on the first roadie.