Classy Soccer Player Mocks Plane Crash Victims

Remember a few years back when Joe Buck had a conniption fit when Randy Moss pretended to moon the Green Bay fans after scoring a touchdown? Well, if he would have been calling the Marine FC vs. FC United soccer match in England a few weeks ago, he probably would have had fainting spell like he was a heroine in a Jane Austen novel.

Munich Air Disaster

Why? Because FC United is the sister club of Manchester United, and Marine FC’s John Lawless decided to taunt their fans during a corner kick by reenacting the Munich Air Disaster in 1958 which killed 23 people, including eight Manchester United players and three staff members. THIS IS LANCASHIRE is reporting that Lawless is now facing a possible suspension by the Football Association.

If you want to see part of the incident, go ahead to 3:40 into the video posted after the jump, and watch Lawless make an “airplane spinning to the ground” motion before taking his corner kick:

Not surprisingly, Lawless’ actions did not go over too well with the home FC United fans, as they nearly rioted and several fans had to be restrained from rushing onto the field. (I assume they weren’t going to shake Lawless’ hand for his quick wit.) In a sense, this shows just how restrained British soccer fans have become: if this was the 1970s, Lawless probably would have received a dart in his eye for his troubles.

To put this in an American sports context, imagine Central Florida’s kicker pantomiming a plane crashing to the ground after kicking a game-winning field goal against Marshall. And just don’t you think that Lawless’ actions were spur of the moment and don’t reflect his true feelings:

After the game, it came to light that Mr Lawless was a member of social networking website Facebook and his profile showed he was a member of an interest group called Munich 58 Was The Best Thing Ever. He has since left the group. 

Something tells me Lawless probably isn’t going to be heading down to Manchester for a fun-filled weekend anytime soon.