Blogs: Classic 80’s Sports Team Music Videos

• They didn’t come here lookin’ for trouble: JOE SPORTS FAN kicks out the jams with these classic sports music videos:

• Despite the inevitable one-and-done, FOX SPORTS’ COLLEGE HOOP BLOG thinks O.J. Mayo could use another year of school.• BLEACHER REPORT doesn’t find it fabulous that Tony Dungy would have concerns about coaching a gay player.

• MENTAL FLOSS wants a bulldozer & $100 for mustache wax before they present these offbeat baseball contract clauses:

Oswalt bulldozer Rollie Fingers

• WITH LEATHER gets an offer they can’t refuse, as Italian soccer players are ordering mob attacks on their teammates.• THE BIG LEAD wonders why not much attention is being made to this column by’s LZ Granderson.

• CHESTER JEFFERSON hits the malls in a quest to find these fictional sports jerseys:

Al Bundy Polk High

• John Romano of the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES is concerned if Jimbo Fisher should be the heir apparent to Bobby Bowden.• Never mind the BCS, GOPHER NATION would rather play in the College Football NIT.