Claim: Titans Aren’t Savviest Drug Connoisseurs

YAHOO’S SHUTDOWN CORNER rolls up the story of Corey Cecil, a drug dealer admitting in court to selling some expensive green to members of the Tennessee Titans. About $1,000 an ounce expensive. That is, the part of the ounce he didn’t skim off the top.

“Cecil also confirmed in questioning that he was “pinching out” seven grams of each ounce and selling it to the players as a full ounce with the Titans players unaware of being shortchanged.

According to Cecil’s testimony in the transcript, he would purchase the marijuana for approximately $650 per ounce, then after removing the seven grams, would sell the drug for ‘Like a grand.’”

That’s why you need to have your agents with you when making these transactions. You think Drew Rosenhaus doesn’t know the difference between a full ounce and one that’s been pinched? He’d have probably gotten you an extra ounce, laced even.

The transcript was from January 2007 and team officials said they are not aware of the matter and that the text does not indicate whether any current members were among those getting ripped off by a drug dealer, who said he dealt to them between 2003-2005.

Hmmm. Interesting timing on that Steve McNair retirement.