Claim: Stubblefield Threatened To Murder His Ex

KGO-TV in San Francisco reports that Dana Stubblefield is under a restraining by his former fiancee after she accused him of trying to kill her, among other things. After having already lied to the Feds about doing steroids in the BALCO case, Stubblefield could very well be sent to prison if the new allegations is true.

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(Dana Stubblefield’s ex-girlfriend Melanie Wade)

Melanie Wade was only four days away from being wed to Stubblefield when she backed out of the three-year relationship last month.

To say that Stubblefield didn’t take that rejection well is an understatement. Allegedly.

Wade said that when she tried to breakup with Stubblefield, “He would lock me in and not let me leave the house, and tell me threats, like ‘I’m not done with you ’til you’re six feet under,’ like ‘I’m the only man you’re going to be with.‘”

When she would escape, Wade said, “Stubblefield would call 50 times a day or more, sometimes leaving long, rambling messages.

Wade claims Stubblefield once ran her off the road when she was on her bicycle and he was driving a Chevy Suburban. And that he forged her name on a change-of-address notice and had all of her mail, including her paychecks, forwarded to his home.

Wade also said of Stubblefield, who is a football coach on the Valley Christian High School staff, “I feel like those kids are at risk because they spend so much time with this animal,” she said. “I really feel like he’s an animal. I mean he just, he loses it. He has no sense of right and wrong. He rages, he sees red.

A local crime victims program is assisting Wade in finding new housing in a place where Stubblefield can’t find here, and the two are “scheduled to appear in family court next week as Wade tries to extend the restraining order to five years.

If the mail fraud and threats against Wade are true, Stubblefield is facing some serious jail time. As it should be.