Miami Mayor Wants Canseco Off the Street (Signs)

• Word on the street is that Miami-Dade’s commissioner wants to cut Jose Canseco’s name from his city’s fair thoroughfares.

Jose Canseco tongue street

• The Yankees’ post-season chances may be kaput, but Joe Girardi’s managerial career in the Bronx supposedly isn’t.

• Despite a bum knee, Tom Brady still believes his Pats will perform well. Not that it matters, since he’ll be too busy spending more time with Gisele.

• And the hitter of Major League Baseball’s 250,00th home run is - Gary Sheffield. Maybe.

• The Washington-BYU late-game controversy still lives on, thanks to Terry Bowden chiming in with his take.

• Sorry, “Monday Night Football” fans - no more in-game booth visits from Jimmy Kimmel or anyone from “Pushing Daisies” or “Life On Mars”.

• The ever-charming Tony Stewart is overheard calling out his crew after another close loss.

Vince Young is restless, and the Titans & his family are worried about his emotional well-being.

• Former UFC champ Evan Tanner is found dead in the California desert.

• Police are purported to have pummeled Pirates fans after East Carolina’s upset win over West Virginia.