Mets’ Citi Field Throws Out Its First Phillies Fan

In case you were running a pool at the office about how many games would be played in Citi Field before a Phillies fan was thrown out of the park — and, really, why wouldn’t you be — I hope you chose zero. The first game in the Mets’ new digs was played this past Sunday between St. John’s and Georgetown, and before it even started, a Phillies fan had been asked to leave the stadium.

Reed Frazier

Reed Frazier is a 22-year old student at St. John’s who is a Television and Film Production major. He was at the game on Sunday to help broadcast the game over his university’s website, having a press pass and everything. Reed also had on a Phillies jacket because he’s a Phillies fan, and as it turns out, that’s unacceptable at Citi Field.

From THE 700 LEVEL:

I was then approached by a fellow student and co-worker who brought a St. John’s University jacket from the head of the department for me to wear. I said, “Thank you, but my jacket works perfectly well for me.” I then began preparing my camera for the game.

It was after the ceremonial first pitch (John Franco) and the national anthem that I was approached by another co-worker who insisted that I put on the jacket. He informed me that he is a Mets fan and he understands where I am coming from, but that I have to put on the jacket. I told him that in no way did it affect how I was to do my job, therefore I could not justify doing so. I said, “If I was wearing a Mets jacket, would this even be a problem?” He told me everyone had to wear the jackets. I pointed out that two of my fellow student workers were wearing their own jackets. I even offered to compromise by wearing the St. John’s University jacket beneath my Phillies jacket. He dismissed the idea and left.

I returned my attention to my camera. Moments later, the head of the department rumbled up the platform and stood beside me. I looked to my side.

He said, “You have to take off your jacket.”

I replied, “In no way does it affect the job I am doing. It is a nonissue.”

He responded by saying, “It is an issue with the Mets. You can either put on the jacket or leave.”

“Then, I’m leaving.”

Frazier then had the press pass ripped out his hand by the head of the department, and left the stadium to head home. In his letter to THE 700 LEVEL, Frazier goes on to say that he can’t be sure the Mets were actually behind it since they never confronted him first-hand. That being said, he’d still like an apology from both the Mets and St. John’s.

Personally I don’t see why the kid just didn’t take off the jacket. Yeah, he’s a Phillies fan and that’s fine, but when he was at the game, he was working. Sure, he wasn’t getting paid for it, but if he really wants to give this television thing a shot, he should probably get his priorities in order.