Tiger Back 9 Speed-Golf Cost Cink The Weekend?

Friday Tiger Woods experienced the worst performance meltdown of his career, shooting 43 on the back nine of the Quail Hollow Championships to miss his first non-major cut in five years.

Tiger Woods

(Tiger’s new number: 6-5-5-3-6-7-4)

With the PGA Tour’s Players Championship a week away and Woods scheduled to play, the next six days we’ll be inundated with numbers denoted by a “career-worst” qualifier.

Between scoring and despondence displayed by Woods throughout Friday, hyperbole is already flourishing when examining the golfer’s game. But despite Woods’ wildly unpredictable performance since his return to golf at Augusta, I am pleased to confirm that there is one part of Woods that has remained remarkably consistent dating back to well before his comeback.

He’s a jackass.

Once his own round went south today, Woods had no regard for his playing partners, one of whom was trying (unsuccessfully) to make the cut. (Stewart Cink.)

Cink and Angel Cabrera were Woods’ playing partners today.

The tournament for Woods officially ended on the 14th hole. Already five-over, he found water and after taking a hurried drop, hit his next shot so quickly that TV cameras missed it. With Cink closing in on the cut line on 15, Woods put on a John Daly-like display, playing so fast that he was 150 yards ahead of Cink at one point.

Cink, the reigning British Open champion, eventually bogeyed 16 and 17 amidst Woods’ fast play and missed the cut by two shots.

When asked at a press conference about his speed golf on the back nine, Woods said, “that is what you are supposed to do,” implying that he was just trying to stay out of Cink and tournament leader Cabrera’s way.

It’s bad enough that Woods’ play, at least on the back nine of the second round, in no way resembled a professional golfer. But his on-course etiquette during that debacle also in no way resembled a professional golfer.

Woods can talk all he wants about how he’s trying to change, but it’s clear that as soon as a little adversity pops up, he has no idea how to deal with it. He showed that by hiding for five months after his serial infidelity. And he put on a similar display today in Charlotte.

Thx to John Ziegler.