Cincy Fans Swap CJ Jerseys For Minor League Tix

A radio station with the terrific call letters “WGRR” has a great promotion going at the moment. The station is offering local fans two minor league Cincinnati Cyclones hockey tickets in exchange for Chad Johnson jerseys.

Chad Johnson Jersey Swap

Frankly, we’re surprised the backlash among Bengal faithful took this long.

We take that back. We aren’t, as pro sports is what defines rust belt burgs like Cincinnati. Witness the town being bilked for a billion bucks to erect stadia for two laughingstock franchises.

Cincy fans doing something like this is akin to them defacing the memorial gravesite ashtray of the city’s favorite daughter, Marge Schott. Or ordering a stand-alone bowl of chili at Skyline.

Just doesn’t happen.

Joe Nuxhall

What’s next? We shudder to think of rogue Reds fans disrespecting the Nuxsie Statue outside Great American!

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