New Shea Smoking Ban A Kick In The Ash To Cox

New York’s Major League Baseball clubs are trying to adhere to a healthier lifestyle. The Yankees have junked the junk food from the clubhouse. And the Mets want to make Shea Stadium’s final season a smoke-free one.

Mr. Met Braves manager Bobby Cox


Such news is a surprise to Atlanta manager Bobby Cox, as his Braves will be visiting the Mets this weekend. And the new stadium rules could affect one of Bobby’s favorite post-game rituals.

When he’s not getting tossed from the action, Cox likes to relax after the game with a well-lit cigar. But as the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports, he might need to pack a couple of packs of nicotine gum for the New York trip, as smoking has been banned throughout the interior of Shea.

Mets management is planning to have a little chat with Bobby about his post-game cigar. Although his own home park Turner Field declares itself “a primarily smoke-free facility“, Cox still lights up after the games, explaining, “The clubhouse doesn’t count.”

However, when it comes to their own park, the Mets may disagree. If so, Bobby might be aiming for earlier & earlier ejections, just so he can escape the ballpark & light up that much sooner.

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