Chunky Soup NFL Moms Canned By Campbell’s

If there’s been one annoying staple of NFL football for the past few years, it’s been Brett Favre torturing us with retirement talks the moms on the Campbell’s Chunky Soup commercials hanging out in locker rooms and forcing chunky clam chowder down the throats of professional athletes.

McNabb Chunky

Well, no more. The chunkiest moms of the NFL are getting the boot from the soup company.

The WALL STREET JOURNAL serves up the cold news to Donovan McNabb’s mom and the rest of America:

The reason for the change? Campbell Soup says its new research has revealed that the company’s target consumers — men in their 30s — are finally achieving soup independence. Another possible factor: Chunky is slumping. While sales of the smaller “healthy” line of Chunky soups more than tripled in 2007, to $56 million, that wasn’t enough to make up for a 9% drop, to $393 million, in Chunky’s main soup line, according to Information Resources, a Chicago market research firm. (Those figures exclude sales at Wal-Mart Stores, Chunky’s largest retailer.)

Wait, the more expensive, gut crushing, meat-chunked bowls of deliciousness are selling more cans than that fashionable old standby Chicken and Rice? Nooooooo. Get out. (And yes, I will happily be the first blogger endorsed by a soup company.)

LaDanian Tomlinson is going to take over the salesman job in some sort of “Working Man’s” capacity. And that makes total sense — well the idea of LDT selling something makes a lot of sense. Whether I buy that he’s a “working man” and therefore needs Campbell’s chunky beefsteak and gravy soup to sustain his daily grind, well, that’s a whole ‘nuther issue.

Anyway, RIP annoying soup ad moms. Hopefully Mama McNabb won’t starve.