Chuck Liddell Was In Rehab Just Before Jackson Knockout Loss

CLAIM - LIDDELL WAS IN REHAB JUST BEFORE JACKSON KO: In an interview with that esteemed bastion of sports journalism, BLOODY KNUX, UFC fighter Vernon White twice claims that Chuck Liddell was in rehab for a substance abuse issue just before his embarrassing defeat at the hands of Quinton Jackson on May 23.

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White first said, “I can’t bad mouth Chuck. He just came off a hard loss. Chuck just got out of re-hab, but I do have to say it was stupid for him to come out of re-hab and fight Quentin the way he fought him. He should have fought a smarter fight. Quinton’s my boy, I love you, and hold that belt forever.

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White later clarified his remarks about Liddell’s stay in a treatment facility, but the gist remained the same: “I’d heard he’d been in drug rehab for an addiction, and got back in the cage too soon. He shouldn’t of taken a fight with Jackson so lightly.

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I heard it from a close friend, so maybe I shouldn’t have commented on it. After seeing him nod off on that talk show it seems very reliable. His publicist should be shot for letting him in public in that condition.