Titans Assistant Knows How To Keep Media In Line

I’m guessing that unless you live in Tennessee or are a Titans fan, you have no idea who Chuck Cecil is. But don’t worry, I do and I’m willing to tell you - he’s the Titans defensive backs coach. Now as an assistant coach on a pro football team, you’re constantly in danger of getting a target on your back in the local media when things are going wrong. Fortunately for Chuck, the Titans are good this season and they have one of the best secondaries in the NFL. But things in the NFL can change quickly, and if they do, Chuck has an ace up his sleeve to keep the columnists from heaping blame upon him.

Chuck and Carrie Cecil

Chuck is married to Carrie Cecil, whom before marrying Chuck was known as Carrie Gerlach, who had a pretty successful career as a television writer/producer. Carrie wrote a book called Emily’s Reasons Why Not, which was made into an ABC television series back in 2006 starring Heather Graham - but it was canceled after only one episode. So what is Carrie up to now? Why, she writes a column for the local Nashville paper.

From Carrie’s latest column in THE TENNESSEEAN:

The Christmas season is officially upon us and everyone in our house is flittering around. I swear I barely put the Thanksgiving turkey in Tupperware before my daughter was asking when Santa is coming.

On the flip side, my Mr. Coachie-pants could hardly sit still on the couch this weekend or relax watching other teams play on television. He finally broke down Sunday afternoon and headed to Baptist Sports Park to get a head start on Cleveland.

So much for helping me put up our outdoor Christmas lights or setting up an inflatable Santa in the yard.

I’m sure Chuck loves being referred to as Mr. Coachie-pants publicly. So I guess it’s a two-edged sword having your wife work as a local columnist. On the one hand, she’s a lot less likely to demand you be fired, considering that you help pay the mortgage. But on the other hand, she refers to you as Mr. Coachie-pants and lets the world know that you’re horribly unreliable when it comes to helping around the house.

Of course, exposing her husband’s shortcomings at home isn’t all Carrie writes about. She does seem to have a pretty good knowledge of football, and hopes that Ben Roethlisberger “falls off his scooter again and maybe sprains his throwing arm — nothing too serious, of course; ’tis the season for goodwill toward all men, even opposing teams’ QBs” - all so the Titans can secure home-field advantage in the playoffs.