Christine Daniels Gender Reassignment Generates New Assignment JA Adande Requests Buyout

We’ve got a photo shoot coming later today (new pics will be up tonight), so here’s a roundup of what’s going on that will (hopefully) tide you over:

• GENDER REASSIGNMENT CREATES NEW LAT ASSIGNMENT: The LOS ANGELES TIMES notes on its website today, “Starting today, check out for Christine Daniels’ “Day in L.A.,” a daily column on the sports events, personalities and themes that matter most to Southern Californians.

Christine Daniels Photo Mike Penner Los Angeles Times

Responsive, thoughtful, experienced commentary from one of the area’s most talented and versatile journalists, updated throughout the day as events happen.

Sounds like someone will be bookmarking SbB, DSpin, ASB, WL and TBL!’

Meanwhile, LA OBSERVED reports the L.A. Times recently introduced a huge inter-office promotional campaign (wot?) featuring gigantic photos of selected editorial staff in the elevators (wot?) of the Times building.

J.A. Adande Michael Wilbon

Notable omissions in the campaign: Daniels and J.A. Adande, who is apparently requesting a buyout.

• The wedding photographer who posted the Village People shot of Brady Quinn online responds to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, and tells A.J. Hawk to buzz off.

• BAYOU BUZZ reports Reggie Bush recently went to Spain to “film a commercial with global soccer star David Beckham.”

50 Cent Ciara Reggie Bush

Bush: “That was a lot of fun. We bascially were teaching each other about our different footballs and what to do with them. It was great to get over to Spain and see the different cultures and see parts of the world that I never expected to see when I was younger.

• Greg Oden last night after Dan Patrick jokingly (har har!) asked if he had “another job you can fall back on“: “I could probably break dance on the side of the street, make a couple of bucks here and there.

• The TORONTO SUN reminds us that before the De La Hoya fight, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., said UFC “ain’t nothing but a fad.

The Sun’s Jose Rodriguez notes UFC President Dana White “took offence and offered Mayweather a scrap against UFC lightweight champ Sean Sherk.” That forced the cowering Mayweather to “change his tune to say the comment was merely trying to build hype for his fight.

Chuck Liddell’s response to Mayweather’s false bravado: “(The) fact mainstream boxing is talking about the UFC shows they’re worried.

Liddell: “A few years ago, they wouldn’t have even mentioned us. Now they’re taking shots at us to try to sell more [PPVs]. That says a lot about how far we’ve come.

• SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL’s Terry Lefton reports this week that Donovan McNabb participated in an ad shoot for Bruce Willis’ upcoming film
“Live Free or Die Hard.”

McNabb also had a “a role in last week’s lavish ESPN upfront presentation (and) McNabb and ESPN are getting chummy enough to contemplate a relationship that could include everything from using the QB as a sideline reporter on NBA games to being the host of the weekly highlights during ‘Monday Night Football’ telecasts.