Christine Daniels Covers Anaheim Ducks Stanley Cup Triumph For Los Angeles Times

DANIELS COVERS COLOR AND HILITES OF DUCKS TRIUMPH: The LOS ANGELES TIMES fingered transsexual sportswriter Christine Daniels (who has glammed it in her new mugshot) to head online coverage of the Ducks’ Stanley Cup triumph last night in Anaheim.

Christine Daniels Anaheim Ducks

We’re guessing Daniels, who hasn’t covered a sports beat for years, was nowhere near the Honda Center (like us), but she did gleefully unveil the news from behind the Orange Curtain for us unfeeling Angelenos: “The Anaheim Ducks are Stanley Cup Champions. (Right now, Arte Moreno is on the phone with his attorneys — ‘Maybe we want to rethink this name thing.’ The Dodgers certainly are.

Anaheim Ducks

With just one postseason victory since 1988, Dodger management is reportedly thinking of a new strategy. Are you ready for ‘The Los Angeles Dodgers of Anaheim’?)

The Ducks are now officially our second entertainment option in Orange County. Now onto Daniels’ new “Women In Progress” column for the LAT - which reads much like a how-to guide for transsexuals.

Christine Daniels Photo Mike Penner Los Angeles Times

On the first day that the former Mike Penner appeared as Christine Daniels in the LAT, this was her day’s highlight: “By 8 o’clock in the evening, I was walking away from my first-ever salon appointment — having been colored and highlighted, cut and curled, a bright golden-honey hue replacing what three hours earlier had been my usual dirty brown-and-gray. The hairstyle I’d waited a lifetime for.

Christine Daniels

And this from emailer “Michelle”: “It is amazing how many wonderful and supportive friends you have found since your announcement. As a girl in transition, it is the one thing that still scares me the most in that I don’t know if I have the types of friends who will support, or the type who will be judgemental, or simply disappear.

Speaking of disappearing, LAT users can (surprisingly) comment on the blog, which is an indication the newspaper has plenty of moderators standing on the delete key.