Chris Quinn Thinks Prohibition Is On Its Way Out

Chris Quinn

When Chris Quinn isn’t driving Vito Corleone to the local fruit stand for oranges, he’s a guard for the Miami Heat; and takes his team photo responsibilities very seriously. Fun fact: He attended Dublin Coffman High School in Dublin, Ohio; in the same class as Brady Quinn, although the two aren’t related (they also both went to Notre Dame). In fact, Chris might have snuffed out Brady’s football career before it even began, if fate had not stepped in.

As a high school freshman, Chris Quinn would have been the starting quarterback for the JV football team ahead of Brady Quinn. But Chris decided to quit football and focus on basketball, where he led his team to two straight conference championships. In his senior year he finished as runner-up for Ohio Mr. Basketball honors to LeBron James.

I also found this post, written a couple of years ago by the editor of the hockey blog THE JACKET TIMES. A little insight, perhaps, into a guy who would dress like Bugsy Malone for an NBA basketball mug:

“I attended Dublin Coffman at the same time as the two Quinns. I knew who both of them were, as they were obviously athletic stars. Brady led the football team pretty deep into the state playoffs and Chris’ play on the court filled the stands pretty well for every game. I had a class or two with Chris as well, but I always thought he was a jerk with funny ears. He used to rub in the fact that he was being aggressively recruited by colleges. I remember a few times in 11th grade American Lit where he would bring in collegiate scholarship letters, open them during class, then toss them in the trash on the way out. Can’t help but resent that a little.”

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