Chris Paul Honors Young Fallen Fan During Game

Chris Paul did everything he could Thursday night, scoring 35 points & 9 assists while making circus shots like this. But it wasn’t enough, as his Hornets fell to the Spurs, 110-99, in Game 3 of their series.

Chris Paul shoes Brian

But Paul was still a true winner that night, as the Hornets star paid tribute to a young fan who sadly didn’t live to see his hero in action.

USA TODAY has the story of Brian, an 8-year-old boy who was suffering from a brain tumor. (His last name wasn’t revealed in order to protect the family’s privacy.) The Hornets had learned of boy’s condition, and how big a fan Brian was of Chris Paul.

So the team had arranged for Brian to attend Monday’s Game 2 in the Hornets-Spurs series. Unfortunately, Brian developed a high fever before the game and couldn’t go. A few hours later, he passed away.

In tribute to the young fan he never had the chance to meet, Paul wrote the boy’s name on his shoes he wore for Game 3. As he explained before the game:

“Knowing I can represent Brian and his family in some way tonight is a great feeling on behalf of myself, my teammates and the organization. This is a person I want to go out and represent with my play.”

As the SPORTING BLOG follows-up, Brian was still in the forethought of Chris’ mind even after the game:

“To the family, I’m terribly sorry. I’m just happy I could honor Brian tonight by putting his name on my shoes. It has to be the most touching story I’ve had as a professional athlete.”

Is it too late to drop a couple more MVP votes Chris’ way? We’re sure Kobe can afford to give up a few.

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