Chris Henry’s House Auctioned, Receives One Bid

So former Bengals arrestedback Chris Henry’s house was auctioned off today. It was appraised at $360,000, and the closest bid to the actual retail price without going over IS…

Chris Henry's House - One Dollar, Bob.

(One dollar, Bob Drew.)

$240,000! Congratulations, Chase Home Finance, LLC! You were able to outbid everyone, -  which is to say nobody, since you’re the only one who bid! Let’s play a pricing game.

His Florence, Kentucky, home was seized because he couldn’t pay his mortgage. So the company owed $350,000 in liens, and in response they just up ‘n bought the house. Now Chris Henry is living, presumably, somewhere else, with many fewer bedrooms, bathrooms, and living space in general.

To get that tricked out pad back, he’ll have to find work, but it probably won’t be with the NFL, even though Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones accidentally mentioned his name in a press conference yesterday:

And even though he had a slip of the tongue during the 40-minute session, meaning to say Anthony Henry but inadvertently saying “Chris Henry,” Jones, when asked if he had any interest in bringing in the released and troubled Cincinnati wide receiver, unequivocally said, and with emphasis, “NO!”

Which means we can rule out Henry living in a Dallas-area lean-to, shotgun shack, or VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER.